Grow Safely, Five Layer Security

A self-hosted security software that protects your internal servers on the cloud/network. It uses digital certificates for authentication, stored in a web browser, and provides advanced access controls for managing users. It significantly reduces risk from vulnerabilities in application(bugs), storage systems and third-party softwares(libraries).


The quickest way to secure your internal servers, without any impact to productivity, is by deploying 0SNet within the organization.

Proven Technology

Built on industry standards with reliable, powerful and open technologies. 0SNet server is highly scalable and secure.

Five Layer Security

Your servers are protected with 5 layers of security — TLS client certificate validation, integrated user authentication, role based access controls.

Easy Plugin

Very easy to plugin and secure existing servers, without user impact or downtime. It has minimal dependencies and can be setup in 15 minutes.

Cost Effective

No additional security training or specialized skill set required to manage the software. No indirect costs. No impact on productivity.

100% Satisfied

Going above and beyond in making customers feel special and helping them out on any queries and enhancements to software.

Any Device

Works seemlessly across all devices, desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. No additional software required.


Complete Protection

0SNet provides an umbrella of security for the servers. By requiring TLS client certificates for validation. Unauthorized users are rejected at the time of connection establishment, and no data gets processed. This protects the entire application stack, as no data gets passed to it.


Integrated Authentication

User manager in 0SNet provides a straight forward way to authenticate users with user-id and password. It can be easily integrated with other tools via its command line interface. Users can also authenticate with Google Sign-In or Microsoft Sign-In, if the organization is using Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure AD. Alternatively, OpenID Connect can be used to integrate with any identity provider.


Role-based Access Controls

A quick and easy way to differentiate users and protect business processes is by configuring 0SNet's access controls system. Its role-based system provides a powerful way to control users and configure who has access to what in a detailed manner.


Proven, Easy, Productive

0SNet runs on top of the proven and battle tested Apache HTTPd server, as a loadable module. It runs on RHEL/CentOS, enterprise operating systems. It has minimal dependencies, hence easy to deploy and manage. The simple and standard commands used ensure a straight forward and productive experience.

Client Story

Exotel was growing fast, they wanted to ensure minimal business interruptions from cyberattacks, data breach and any resulting loss in business.

To grow securely, the servers had to be protected. This required implementing a security solution within the organization. Exotel tried out 0SNet for two months and were very impressed with what it provided. They have continued to use it for the last 8 years, while growing fast, getting ISO 27001:2013 certification and having pen tested regularly.

As 0SNet provides complete protection to servers, Exotel is able to focus on their business requirements. All without any changes in the way people work within the organization.

“A straight forward, easy to use solution that doesn't get in your way.”

Siddharth Ramesh, Chief Technology Officer

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